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Build a 5 Star Reputation

What is Online Reputation

This is probably the first question you are asking yourself as you read this report. So let’s go ahead and actually define for you what online reputation management really is… It is the practice of staying on top of your business’-word-of-mouth and making sure that all of your negative reviews are handled in a proper way. But also, you need to make sure that your customers realize that you appreciate them as well, so you must also stay up to date with the good reviews!

Basically reputation management is making your business look good and stand out from your competitors.

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Reputation Strategies

We have techniques that can control your reviews.

Collect reviews from your clients or customers.

Our Strategies will repair a poor reputation by taking a proactive course.

Promote your good reviews so everyone can see them!

Reputation Matters

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Building Trust

  • 97% of people who made a purchase based off of a review that they saw online found the review to be correct! This makes people trust reviews and review sites even more. (ComScore)
  • 61% of people rely on their peer’s reviews for information on products or brands that they are interested in before making their final buying decision. (RazorFish)
  • 50% of consumers use the internet before they even take a trip to the establishment. (Verdict Research)
  • 74% Consumers Say They Will NOT Select A Company With Little Or Poor Reviews!
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Let’s face it, if your prospective customer sees one bad review about your business, we can both agree that this could cause that customer to turn to your competition to do business with them instead! So from a business standpoint, we want to stay on top of our reputation to make sure that customers gravitate towards our business by seeing that we are good to their peers!

To accomplish this task, it is all about playing around with the search engine results. Our goal is to make sure that the bad reviews are off of the first page at the very least, if not gone completely And make sure that our good reviews are right at the top of the search results so that is what prospects will see right from the jump!

How is Your Reputation?

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Reputation is Crucial!

Yes, Reputation IS CRUCIAL to your business,

If someone searches for a dentist, they check out the reviews. Who do they call?

The one with 5 STAR REVIEWS!

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How do you Promote your 5 Star Reviews?

We can help with that!

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What do you do with Bad Reviews?

We can help with that!

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