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How our business can help you with your business?

You need people to notice you on the web, that’s what we are about.  We are located in South Carolina, but we can help you anywhere that you are.  We are all about helping customers notice your business. 

A New Look!

We can use a simple WYSIWYG website host like Weebly, or use Word Press hosting. We are small business friendly.

  • Do you need a web page?
  • A new look?
  • Do you need a logo?
  • Do you need one landing page or a whole Website?
  • Online Store?
  • Increase your visibility
  • Rank Higher
  • Do you just need help being found?

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Customer Reviews

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Your Sound of Success

TechConcerns has built 2 appealing, successful websites for our businesses. She handles all of our updates, pictures, and videos. We are very happy with everything Rosemary has done for our business and the marketing of it.

Our customers have replied that they were very impressed and drawn to our website and in turn we have had many satisfied customers. We would highly recommend Tech Concerns for large or small ventures.

Creekside Garden Nursery

Very well done.

Charles Covert

charles covert

We are all about helping your future customers find you. 


The Small Business Rescue Plan 

You need people to find you on the web, that’s what we are about. We are in the upper northwest corner of South Carolina, called The Upstate. There is a great influx of people choosing to make this part of the South their home. We can help you wherever you are.

We’d love to help you.

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